Approaching millennials is one of the most difficult tasks for a brand. It is not easy to develop successful marketing strategies for a heterogeneous group of young people born between 1980 and 1995.

One of the common aspects of millennials is, therefore, that this is a generation that has lived in economic prosperity, and despite having faced a brutal global crisis in recent years, it has not made a dent in its particular way of seeing the world.

These factors have made these digital natives characterized by their attachment to mobile devices and wanting things immediately. This generation is one of the companies that are most interested in, but how can they be conquered? How to get your attention?

The generation of millennials is one of the most difficult to market to today with their expectations that are drastically different from those of previous generations. In addition, with the acceleration of technology development, millennials are entering a much more demanding stage of their lives.

What Are Millennials Looking For?

Most millennials generate their own content, and this is a factor that companies have to take advantage of. It is a great opportunity for users to talk about their experiences with your company and share their points of view through photos or videos. There is no better social proof than this technique to capture the attention of this generation and thus encourage them to buy your product or service.


If millennials trust someone or, rather, if something is fashionable among millennials right now, they are the influencers on social networks. It is common to find that a brand collaborates with an influencer with the aim of promoting a product or service of theirs, in particular with fashion or beauty brands. In this way, by using influential people on social networks, these companies manage to reach a broader audience and get to know potential customers.

The key for this strategy to work properly in your marketing for millennials is looking for an influencer who speaks or publishes content related to what your company does. So be sure to do some good research on the influencer that really interests your brand to see if that person really suits you before contacting them.

Once you have chosen the person, contact them. Depending on the platform that the influencer uses, your brand will be mentioned differently. If it is a blog, for example, the person can write about your product and include some photos. If it’s YouTube or Instagram, the same person can come out with your product in hand talking about it.

The Magic Of The Live Show

Millennials love live magic. In fact, tools that allow real-time video such as Periscope are becoming fashionable among them. These platforms allow you to make live videos. In fact, even Facebook itself has been encouraged to test this innovative system by transmitting videos in real-time and has made a new tool available to all users of the platform: Facebook Live.

These young people highly value authenticity and valuable content. There is nothing more authentic than transmitting something live. In this way, this can be an interesting option to launch new products or services or to broadcast events of your company. This opportunity enables companies to approach millennials and teach them a more lively facet of the brand, a face without any filters.

The same happens with applications like Snapchat that, although it does not transmit live activities, manages to generate a sense of urgency in the user. This tool deletes all the videos and images after 24 hours, and this means that all users who have this social network are continually aware of what is being published.

Therefore, it is an application that assures companies to a great extent that if they publish a video of a new product or service, they have great possibilities for users to view the video since all of them are from time to time looking at what is new in his story.